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Online Safety Tools and Services

Preferential access to our award winning innovative Online Safety Tools to safeguard you and your school:

  • Online Safety BOOST

    The award winning innovative Online Safety Toolkit that safeguards you and your school. Online Safety BOOST brings you a suite of training resources and tools to empower you and your staff to deal with the challenges of Online Safety:

    • Reputation Alerts - monitor your schools reputation online
    • Whisper - an anonymous reporting tool for your website
    • Incident Response Tool - A flowchart for managing incidents in a compliant manner
    • Professional Development - Video training and online webinars with our Online Safety experts
    • Presentations & Resources - Unique training materials empower staff development and ensure you remain current
    • BOOST+ Certification - Resources and an online test to help you certify your staff are up to date

    Find out more about Online Safety BOOST.

  • 360° Safe

    The multi-award winning 360 degree safe is an online self-review tool providing a user friendly and interactive means for schools to review their Online Safety provision and to develop an action plan to bring about improvements.

    • Encourage collaborative online use within your school
    • Receive immediate feedback and suggested actions to help your progression
    • Log sources of evidence, comments and action points within your account
    • Easily compile and print a wide range of reports
    • Compare and benchmark your responses with other users of the online tool
    • Apply for Online Safety accreditation through the E-Safety Mark assessment

    Find out more about 360 degree safe.

  • 360data

    This tool is designed to help schools and SMEs review their posture, policies and procedures around data protection and information security.

    • Find out how compliant your organisation is with the Data Protection Act. Produce reports to share with senior leaders.
    • Benchmark against other organisations. Understand where to focus time and effort and what the next steps are.
    • When ready, apply to be accredited, verifying you’re Data Protection Compliant, or even, at an aspirational level.

    Find out more about 360data.

  • Professionals Online Safety Helpline

    As lead partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre and funded by the European Commision, we provide a Helpline for professionals who work with children and young people in the UK, specifically tackling the area of Online Safety.

    The Helpline provide support with all aspects of digital and online issues such as social networking sites, cyber-bullying, sexting, online gaming and child protection online.

    The Helpline aims to resolve issues professionals face about themselves, such as protecting professional identity and reputation, as well as young people in relation to online safety.

    Find out more about Professionals Online Safety Helpline

Online Safety Resources

To improve Online Safety for young people in schools and other organisations, we produce a number of resources:

  • School Online Safety Policy Templates

    Our Online Safety Policy Templates provide you with a downloadable set of generic school policy templates on various aspects of Online Safety, and have been adopted by local authorities, schools and academies across the UK, and are acknowledged as good practice documents.

    Each template provides guidance and notes on what should be included allowing your organisation to challenge, consider and debate.

    The result will be your very own tailored Online Safety Policy which is unique and relevant for your school or organisation.

    Access our Online Safety Policy Templates

  • Social Media Checklists

    We produce a number of booklets that take you through how to secure your social media accounts step-by-step. We currently provide the following:

  • Online Safety Research

    We work in partnership with Plymouth University and a range of other organisations to conduct and publish leading edge research into Online Safety.

    Access our research reports.

You can access our complete library of Online Safety resources in our Online Safety Resource Area.

Online Safety Training

Tailored to meet the needs of your audience, Online Safety Training sessions are designed to provide an overview of the risks and benefits of technology.

Our Online Safety Training goes beyond simple awareness-raising, with sharply focused training that grows expertise within your team. Develop your team’s expertise to operate confidently in today’s online world with our internationally renowned Online Safety Trainers.

  • Online Safety Training

    Our Online Safety Training goes beyond simple awareness-raising, with sharply focused training that grows expertise within your team. Develop your expertise to operate confidently in today's online world with the internationally renowned SWGfL Online Safety Trainers.

    Find out more about Online Safety Training.

  • Online Safety Days

    Tailored to meet the needs of your audience, our Online Safety Days are designed to provide an overview of the risks and benefits of technology, and explore the technologies young people use and the behaviours associated with them.

    Find out more about Online Safety Days.

  • Online Safety Audit

    We offer a service to conduct an Online Safety audit in your school, one of our highly experienced Online Safety consultants will provide an objective assessment of your school's overall level of online safeguarding maturity.

    Find out more about Online Safety Audits.

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