All our Services include Essential Safety as Standard

SWGfL SafetyNet is RM SafetyNet with added Proactive Monitoring, preventing access to illegal content including the IWF CAIC and Online Terror Content with unique links to Police and expert support in an emergency

Comprehensive Filtering - Designed for Schools

Kid very excited at achieving something on the computerFiltering is a key element of your school's internet provision. Striking the balance between giving your school community freedom online and maintaining control can be challenging, but we are focussed on supporting you to deliver a safe and empowering technology infrastructure.

We provide a range of filtering solutions designed to suit your budget and functionality needs. You can choose to complement Essential Safety (based on RM SafetyNet) with additional filtering, for which we provide a number of options.

Filtering Solutions Comparison

  • RM SafetyNet

    Included as standard with all SWGfL connections

    • Blocks access to illegal content
    • Proactive Monitoring with unique links to Police and expert support
    • Blocks content based on RM, SWGfL, and your LA or MAT's default filter lists
  • RM SafetyNet Plus

    Provides a good value for money option for over 90% of SWGfL schools; centrally-hosted, the service is simple to use and quick to provision

    • Specialised web-filtering designed for education
    • Blocks access to illegal content
    • Proactive Monitoring with unique links to Police and expert support
    • Block unsuitable or distracting/time-wasting sites
    • User-based filtering enabling you to block access to different sites for different user groups
    • Changes to your access list are applied within 90 seconds
    • Staff Proxy provides the option to grant greater Internet access to individual staff members
    • COMING SOON - User and school wide reporting

    Existing customers go here to sign up for the User-based Filtering Module

  • Smoothwall

    Filtering from Smoothwall provides comprehensive protection for your school:

    • Protects your students and staff without compromising the ability to teach
    • Cost-effective solutions to protect, control and monitor Internet use
    • First-class web access control and security for education
    • Trusted across LEAs, councils and thousands of schools
    • Proactive Monitoring with unique links to Police and expert support*

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    *Only available on this product with SWGfL

RM SafetyNet
RM SafetyNet Plus
Content Filter Yes Yes Yes
Blocks illegal content Yes Yes Yes
Proactive Monitoring with unique links to Police and expert support* Yes Yes Yes
Customisable Rules   Yes Yes
Role based policies   Yes Yes
Time based policies   Yes Yes
Customisable block page   Yes Yes
Granular rules, integrates with AD   Yes Yes
Supports BYOD   Yes Yes
Enhanced Reporting   Yes Yes
Follow me home policies     Yes
Additional Cost No £ ££

*Only available with SWGfL

Monitoring Tools

All our solutions are provided with a range of monitoring tools. Whether you need to see a general overview of your internet usage, investigate inappropriate access to change your filtering rules, or just know you and your school community are protected, our tools enable you to get the most out of your connection.

  • Internet Monitoring

    With our solutions you’ll receive 24 hour network monitoring with automated alerts. In fact, over 10,000 proactive checks are conducted every minute so in most cases you won't even know that there’s been a problem - it will have been fixed immediately.

  • Bandwidth Usage Monitoring

    Monitor your Internet usage with easy to use tools showing real time utilisation statistics.

  • User Activity Monitoring

    Each of our extended filtering solutions* includes user activity monitoring and reporting, enabling you to identify access to inappropriate or problem content, and adjust your filtering policies accordingly.

    *Not included with standard RM SafetyNet

  • Proactive Monitoring

    Attempts to access illegal content are proactively monitored, through our unique links to the Police and other agencies, any access attempts are reported directly to the Police, providing expert support in an emergency.

"Deeply thrilled! Can’t thank you enough – please pass on how grateful we are to you and the team for all your hard work in the background for getting us to this point….we are transformed!"
- Batheaston Primary School, Bath and North East Somerset
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