Self Review Pro

Have a large and diverse audience? Want to support and transport them to an objective? Self Review Pro takes traditional and freely available online survey platforms to a whole new level.

Self Review Pro enables individuals to review and then continually assess their position, offering constant improvement suggestions that work towards a clear objective.

Self Review Pro makes it clear when objectives have been achieved. Ratings offers individuals tracking reports that illustrate their progress achieved. It moves your audience towards the objectives you have for them. Just add your brand and content.

Self Review Pro


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  • Assumes your branding, look and feel and hosts your content.
  • Self-review empowers individuals to review, assess and rate their current position based on your criteria
  • Once completed, it reflects back the bigger picture, highlighting strengths and where to improve
  • Suggests prioritised improvements actions to make their improvement easier
  • Tracks progress as actions are completed
  • Rewards individual progress by enabling certificates or badges when certain thresholds or criteria are met
  • Presents you with real-time aggregated data about your audience, their position, progress and achievements. Data that can be used to inform policy and practice; intelligent targeting of resource and support and performance metrics.