Online Compass

A simple online tool that shows you what you need to do to make the use of technology safer for your group.

Online Compass is for any group that works with young people – a nursery, a library, a youth group, a sports club and so on. If you are from a school, 360 degree safe may be more suitable.

A free, powerful self-review tool designed by award-winning online safety experts, that simplifies a difficult task. It maps where you are in terms of keeping the children and staff in your group safe on the internet, charts your progress and navigates a course to a safer online environment. 

  • Review online safety in your group or organisation.
  • Improve your group's online safety using expert advice.
  • Celebrate your provision through a series of awards.

A simple online tool that shows you what you need to do to make the use of technology safer for your group.

The tool is supported by a set of Template Policies which can be accessed from the download link below

Online Compass

Online Compass can be found at The tool is supported by a set of template policies which can be accessed from the links below:

If you are in need of support, please email us at

"A great intuitive resource, the Online Compass is simple and easy to use. It provides clear guidance and resources to support online safety in a range of organisations. I like the ability to dip in and out of areas and share judgments. The colour coding of statements provides clarity while the visual data helps to prioritise actions. I would recommend the Online Compass for any group working with children and young people to support safer working practice. The best part, it’s FREE!"

Val Hurley - ICT Consultant, Lemur Consultancy

"The Online Compass audit tool has created a mechanism for debate and discussion around e-safety within staff teams in Poole Children’s Centres, parents using our service and volunteers. It's enabled us to identify were we need to make improvements or changes and where were doing good at ensuring our staff, volunteers and families are safe."

Nikki Dilke - Children's Centres Manager, Borough of Poole

"I've found Online Compass to be an extremely effective tool for managing the safety of young people accessing a rapidly evolving digital world. It's simple, accessible nature allowed me to assess my existing safeguarding measures and identify the shortcomings. The policy templates resource has saved me a huge amount of time and effort and I now have a much more robust and useable system in place."

Phil Curd - Registered Manager, Sedgemoor Children's Centre

“We have just started with the Online Compass process but already I can see the benefits of using the tool in young people’s services where the speed of technological progress is so fast.”

Gina Veall - Development Officer / Youth Work, Bournemouth Integrated Youth Service

"Online Compass provides a structured way for us to review how Poole Libraries manage online safety for our users and staff. The self evaluation tool highlighted a number of areas for us to consider and we are currently addressing these. It definitely fills a gap in our monitoring processes and I expect us to use it regularly in the future."

John Lane - Borough of Poole Libraries 

The tool is free of charge to groups on completion of a simple registration process.