360 degree safe

The multi-award winning 360 degree safe schools self-review online tool provides a user friendly and interactive means for schools to review their Online Safety provision and to develop an action plan to bring about improvements.

The 360 degree safe self-review tool is intended to help schools review their Online Safety policy and practice. It provides:

  • Information and stimulus that can influence the production or review of Online Safety policies and develop good practice.
  • A process for identifying strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Opportunities for commitment and involvement from the whole school.
  • A continuum for schools to discuss how they might move from a basic level provision for Online Safety to practice that is aspirational and innovative.

The tool is free of charge to schools on completion of a simple registration process.

360 degree safe
If you are in need of support, please email us at 360safe@swgfl.org.uk

"We felt it was a very useful experience as it enabled us to stand back from the day to day e-safety events / routines to look at what we did well and what we needed to work on."

"I found the tool very useful. It does not have the repetition that I have found with other online assessment tools and includes a number of very useful links that helped with the process. The tool allowed us to recognise areas that we need to improve and offered advice on how to do this. The only improvement that I would suggest is that it might include links to more technical aspects and provide information/ links to software that could be used in ensuring systems are safe. The feedback given during the school visit was extremely helpful."

"A very good assessment morning that was very rigid and provided us with a chance to see exactly where our gaps are that could be fixed."

"We found the process to be very valuable and practical in terms of enabling us to set a clear action plan and involve all staff in the process."

Benefit from 360 degree safe's features:

  • Encourage collaborative online use within your school.
  • Receive immediate feedback and suggested actions to help your progression.
  • Log sources of evidence, comments and action points within your account.
  • Easily compile and print a wide range of reports.
  • Compare and benchmark your responses with other users of the online tool.

An award winning online tool...

360 Overview screenshot 360 degree safe has won a number of national awards, here are a few of the judges comments...

"360 degree safe engages the school community, provides an excellent way for schools to move forward, is free, comprehensive, easy to use and has clearly been developed with users in mind. It provides advice and resources that save time." BETT award winner - Leadership & Management

"360 degree safe is a well-designed, user friendly, online tool for schools to review their e-safety provision. It helps them identify strengths / weaknesses & develop an improvement action plan". Nominet award winner - Making the internet safer awards

"An excellent tool that helps empower schools to develop and test their own safety policies and make their own choices on e-safety." ISPA award winner

"This BCS award highlights 360 safe's best practice, innovation and excellence". BCS UK IT award winner