With Friends Like These

This resource aims to raise awareness in young people of the consequences of sharing and publishing images of others. It demonstrates that seemingly small actions quickly gain momentum and get out of control.

The resource challenges the way young people publish images of others without any thought of accountability and explores how these actions can affect the relationships and dynamics within a social group.

The drama is based around a group of 11-14 year old girls who are all friends and all at the same school. Like most young people of their age, technology is very important in their lives, particularly mobile phones, social networking, instant messaging and the like. They rely on these technologies in many aspects of their social life and is their preferred method of communication. Whilst their understanding of the technology that they use is good, their understanding of the consequences and the implications of what they do with the technology is naiive.

The drama attempts to explore not only the technologies themselves but how the various parties feel about the incident and the impact that it has on them.

With Friends Like These

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The group of six girls meet in town as they usually do on a Saturday. It is revealed that one of them has just broken up with her boyfriend. She shares with three of her friends that fact that she has taken a revealing photograph of herself on her mobile phone in an effort to entice him back.

She bluetooths that photograph to one of those friends who shares it with the other three members of the group who are in a burger bar a few streets away. This group are shocked at the photograph but think it will be fun to alter it when they are next together in school.

They send the photograph up to a private school account. When they arrive together in the school ICT suite on Monday, without their teacher knowing, they use applications to alter the photograph in an overtly sexual way using images they have found online.

They then send that round to other friends outside the group, which then is shared around the whole school within a matter of hours.

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The resource is aimed for:

  • Schools with Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils
  • Professional development for teachers and school staff
  • Children's homes
  • Adoption and fostering organisations
  • Faith groups working with young people
  • Local Authority Social Services departments

The resource can be used

  • As a training package for professionals
  • As a stand-alone KS3/4 assembly
  • A series of class lessons based around either PSHE, esafety or drama
  • A training package to raise awareness for professionals working with children and young people