SWGfL E-Safety Movies

The films have been specially created by SWGfL and TV production company, Televisionary.

The E-Safety Movies can be streamed at different download qualities depending on your Internet connection:
  • High Quality (764Kbps - e.g. Broadband),
  • Medium Quality (340 Kbps e.g. ADSL),
  • Low Quality (43Kbps - e.g. Dial-up).
You can also download these movies
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SWGfL E-Safety Movies
Do You Know Movie Do You Know

The Internet can take you anywhere...do you know where your children are tonight?

Stream: Watch / Download (5.02MB)

Ellie's Story Ellie's Story

Ellie from Brighton describes the disturbing situation she recently found herself in on a trip to London.

Stream: Watch / Download (34.5MB)

Martin's Story MovieMartin's Story

Martin from Weymouth describes his online encounter with Laura. Laura was not who she reported to be and was much closer to home. 

Stream: Watch / Download (43.5MB)

Holly's Story MovieHolly's Story

Holly, from the South West and a cyberbullying victim, talks of the victimization she endured.

Stream: Watch / Download (26.83MB)

Golden RulesGOLDen Rules

The GOLDen rules are simple and effective measures that enable parents to help themselves and their children be safer when using the Internet.

Stream: WatchDownload (8MB)

These movies are available for educational purposes only [SWGfL Copyright 2008].