EnableENABLE Project 2014-16

SWGfL is proud to be one of the European partners tackling bullying across Europe through the Enable Project 2014 - 2016!

What is our role & contribution?

South West Grid for Learning and Diana Award are the only UK based organisations and we are working together to develop, implement and promote the anti-bullying resources that will be produced by the project.

SWGfL is a charitable trust working with schools to support them in using technology positively and responsibly. As an organisation our influence and reach goes far beyond the South West, as the coordinator of the UK Safer Internet Centre we are a national & a global leader, affecting change, producing award-winning tools and resources, and innovative solutions for schools to implement.

South West Grid for Learning will take the lead in these following areas:

Our role in ENABLE will be:

  • To take part in assessment & scoping of existing methods and programmes for tackling bullying
  • To select a number of pilot schools for the project and carry out pre and post-intervention assessments to guide and measure our work
  • To create SEAL modules (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning) to be intergrated in the school curriculum
  • Produce teacher support materials – a kit for national implementation
  • Define class materials to be used
  • Put together a scheme to accredit and recognise teaching & learning

Together with the other UK partner – Diana Award, we will be working closely with our selected pilot schools to ensure our resources are fit for purpose. We have selected one pilot school from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to make sure we have true UK representation.

ENABLE will also be led by a Think Tank of leading private and public sector experts.

iPad-Kids We have also put together a UK focus group to help us steer the course of our work. It includes experts from anti-bullying organisations, teachers, parents, young people and safeguarding specialists.

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