The Prodigals Online

The Prodigals Online has been produced to engage, educate and empower young people to confidently face the often confusing and complex challenges and opportunities of adult life.

Developed in partnership with the Lambeth Council, Lambeth Health and Wellbeing Partnership and Prodigals Education Trust, these comprehensive video and music resources combined together provide high quality learning opportunities to enable young people to understand the life skills that will enable them to progress and live as successful independent adults.

The resource features:
  • Film and contemporary music to act as learning stimulus
  • Provide curriculum mapping and lesson plans to stimulate group debate and discussions
  • Support materials for relevant inter-related themes that provide a unique learning continuum
  • Supporting user-friendly workshop activities to contribute to the promotion of personal development
The Prodigals Online resources can be used across the curriculum in a variety of contexts at Key stage 4 -5 and beyond. The issues that it features may cause students to become emotional and animated.
The Prodigals Online
The Abolition Project screenshot
Jehan Chaudhri - Lambeth Healthy Schools SRE Co-ordinator:The Prodigals Online resources is used to engage young people to reflect on all aspects of their lives as they make the transition to adulthood, such as their emotional health and well-being, sexual health, relationships and the importance building individual resilience.” 

Louise Winnall – Former Lambeth Youth Council Member and Peer Educator:I was aware how the key messages just crept into my consciousness that I started to re-evaluate my choices and the impact that they have had on my life. Consequences are inevitable in any situation, but The Prodigals film and learning techniques puts the responsibility for my choices and the likely consequences with me.” 

Winston Brown - Service Development Manager, Lambeth Housing Needs and Allocations:It’s contains engaging resources that increases young people’s awareness of how their growing sense of independence and search for personal identity will affect them emotionally, physically, socially and economically – and aims to help them develop a better understanding of the realities of leaving the parental home to live independently at a young age.” 

Bob Usher- LGfL Content Manager: "We are pleased to have the opportunity develop The Prodigals film and complementary resources for online use. We hope to that we have been able to provide the means to maximise the reach and impact of this important resource, and to empower students to make a positive and successful transition to adult and working life.
It is important to consider strategies for engaging all learners in the work safely and without loss of focus. The Prodigals Online materials are supported by teaching and learning resources designed to engage all classes in the learning process and experience.

This level of support is provided to encourage all teachers and youth work practitioners to use The Prodigals Online within their own teaching context and in a range of settings.

Because of the sensitive nature of some of the themes featured in The Prodigals Online resource, teachers are strongly advised to watch the film in its entirety before using the resources with students.

The recommended age range for these learning resources is 14 years and above.