The Cold War

Witnessing the fallout from a nuclear detonation is just one of the many experiences presented in The Cold War from the London Grid for Learning, a captivating new online resource designed to educate Key Stage 3 and 4 students about the fascinating history of the Cold War.

This turbulent period of the 20th century saw the world divided, with the United States and its allies in a state of hostility against the Communist USSR and Eastern Bloc. Featuring information gathered by historian and author Dr. Helen Fry as well as video footage from Frederick Forsyth (who in summer 2015 admitted to working as a spy for MI6),The Cold War is available to all schools connected to the National Education Network.
The Cold War
The Cold War resource screenshot
Designed to bring this important period of history to life, The Cold War  includes 180 high-quality video clips filmed on location at declassified military sites, as well as high-resolution images of locations, personnel, maps and previously classified documents.

Further insight is provided in the form of 13 augmented-reality objects which students can use to access a 3D insider’s view of a nuclear bunker, interactive maps of nuclear fallout across London and high-altitude jet intercepts, using cutting edge technology whilst still remaining focused on teaching and learning.

The resource is split into eight logical sections; About the Cold War, Leadership, Technology, Espionage, Key Events, The Significance of Berlin, The End of the Cold War and Recording History, allowing students to easily access specific topics and information.

Resources for teachers include lesson activity plans and a resource bank which can be used by specialists to design their own learning pathways or by non-subject specialists to supplement existing knowledge.