A website aimed at Key Stage 2 learners (aged 7-11). It links to a wealth of learning and e-safety resources and includes a safe search feature.

Imagine a search engine designed for KS2 children…

What would it look like? It would be easy to use, allow safe internet searches and filter inappropriate results to give KS2 relevant, child-friendly online resources, helping children to find valuable sites with an appropriate educational focus. It would also ensure that children don’t interpret the search as ‘boring’ or ‘restrictive’. It becomes in short an ideal place from which children can explore the web.

Why use Swiggle?

  • It’s easy for children to navigate and promotes appropriate KS2 content.
  • Links to the best tried and tested educational resources.
  • Filters inappropriate words and listings, and promotes relevant child-friendly learning resources within search results.
  • Provides tips and resources to help children stay safe online.
  • Saves teachers time, requires no setup and encourages best practice online.
  • Makes an ideal homepage for home or classroom computers.

How does the Safe Search homepage feature work?

The search feature on the home page is created using Google Custom Search with Safe Search functionality enabled. The Search promotes specific educational keywords in order to help provide results with an educational focus. In addition some sites have been blocked to help prevent inappropriate results being provided. The following keywords are specifically promoted in the search; 'School', 'Homework', 'KS2', 'Revision', 'Education', 'Learning/learn', '7-11'. We recommend that children always search the internet using SWGfL Filtering service or another approved alternative.