Reading Zone Live

Aimed at introducing some of the best contemporary books and London-based authors. Each month, students will be encouraged to read a newly published book prior to seeing the author 'live', either at their school or via video conference or live stream.

A development of the existing partnership between London Grid for Learning and brings regular Interviews and Live Video Conferences with some of the best contemporary children’s authors to London schools.

How it works.

Each month, a group of LGfL schools are linked with our live author events via video conferencing, with one school’s reading group selected to host the author event. During each event, authors discuss their writing before answering the students’ questions via video conference.

After each event, the curriculum-based resources are added to via the LGfL ‘Reading Zone Live’ website.  The resources include footage of authors discussing their work and creative writing, their inspiration and the issue surrounding writing for a living.

The interviews provide a unique insight into the world of the professional writer and feature questions about books they write and also explore the wider challenges involved in writing as a career. They can be used to help children to appreciate the skills and approaches that professionals take to release their inner creativity and express themselves through their work.
Reading Zone Live