Polar Exploration

A comprehensive, cross-curricular resource which has been tailored to the different needs of Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.

There are specialist KS2 lesson plans for Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, Computing and D&T, whereas KS3 and 4 retain a strong focus on English and Literacy, covering elements of creative writing for both Key Stages, and with applications for GCSE and iGCSE.

SPRI has granted exclusive access to its historic archive of the most famous and significant polar expeditions of the 20th Century, including:
  • Video footage of equipment and artefacts from the most famous expeditions, complete with text transcripts of the expert explanations
  • High-resolution photographs of objects featured in the video footage
  • Journal extracts read by a descendant of a member of Captain Scott’s Discovery expedition
  • Interactive map of the Polar Regions with plotted locations triggering multimedia resources along the main expedition routes
  • The opportunity to meet a modern-day polar explorer and hear of his experiences living for extended periods of time in some of the world’s most extreme environments
  • A wide range of learning materials to support all images, video and audio recordings
LGfL has taken all these materials and combined them into a user-friendly online interface that puts users directly at Captain Scott’s desk, surrounded by the polar ‘tools of the trade’. 
Polar Exploration
Polar Exploration Desktop Screenshot
Polar Exploration Desktop Screenshot
Further information for schools not currently connected to the NEN but interested in gaining access to Polar exploration and other NEN resources – Please contact Contentsupport@lgfl.org.uk
At a click, teachers and pupils can access extracts from Scott and Shackleton’s journals, stories from modern-day explorer and polar expert Peter Clarkson, expedition summaries, a timeline, maps and a glossary of all key terms.

Integrated lesson plans to guide teachers through the resource, with the built-in resource bank functionality enabling a disaggregated approach: teachers and pupils can browse for individual photos, images, video and audio recordings, using them as standalone resource or embedding them into existing lesson plans and schemes of work or learning pathways within online learning platforms.

Access to the resource:

The resource is available to any school connected to their Regional broadband Grid via the National Education network. Access is provided when a user connects via their school ICT network. Off grid access is available to all LGfL and TRUSTnet schools via the USO log in service.

The resource can be accessed via the authenticated weblink: www.polar.lgfl.net

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