Rethink Cloud

RethinkCloud is our free online tool to help you develop an action plan for your schools cloud strategy

Working through four sections of the tool, you will answer questions around your school’s current ICT provision and identify how you would like to progress your strategy. Reports will be generated at the end of each section which when combined will provide a detailed roadmap, tailored specifically for your school. 

Visit the site:

Rethink Cloud

What can RethinkCloud do for my school?

  • Support you in an audit of your current ICT provision and evaluation of your school's approach focusing on the key areas of Management, Technology and People
  • Develop your technology strategy and vision, and understand what the next steps are to make progress towards this.
  • Identify gaps in provision and areas for development.
  • Formulate a clear action plan, tailored to meet your schools' needs.
  • Access a wide range of reports at different points in the process that can be used to engage your stakeholder community in developing your future strategy.