Web Filtering Enhanced

At SWGfL we know that one size doesn’t fit all and that’s why we provide a whole range of filtering options to suit your needs.  From Smoothwall to Lightspeed and RM SafetyNet we’ve got a solution to meet your user requirements and budget.

RM SafetyNet is a low cost effective option, designed exclusively for education, RM SafetyNet  supports you find the balance between allowing access to the valuable web content and resources available and protecting your whole school community from unsuitable material. A good option for today's digital environment, it provides safe and secure access to the internet without over-blocking.

The team at SWGfL have worked with schools right across the region to understand your filtering needs; and we’ve worked closely with the team at RM to ensure that the development roadmap is right on track to meet those needs.  

Brand new features now available

New user interface design.  With simple and uncluttered layouts you’ll find RM SafetyNet friendly and intuitive to use. 

SSL interception for Google.  RM SafetyNet’s SSL filtering intercepts and inspects all Google search results, reducing the risk of inappropriate search results, including images, being displayed to your school community.

Coming Next:

User based filtering option. This is an exciting addition to RM SafetyNet which will enable administrators to apply customised filter rules to individuals, classes, groups and clubs.  RM SafetyNet will sync with your Microsoft Windows schools Active Directory to allow the creation of filtering rules for specific users and groups in your school.

The user based filtering option is currently in field trials and the first two SWGfL field trials are due to commence mid-September 2015. Wider SWGfL field trials are expected to follow towards the start of October with a plan to make the user based filtering option available to all SWGfL schools before or during October half term *.

Enhanced monitoring and reporting.  Expected to be available soon after user based filtering, the enhanced monitoring and reporting will follow shortly after.

*subject to successful field trials