Transparent Filtering Module

Monitor and mobile phone image

Why not introduce 'Bring Your Own Device' at your school? Many schools’ across the region have now taken this step, personal laptops, tablets and smartphones can be found in classrooms right across the region. Before now, this may have spelled out a configuration headache for ICT coordinators and technicians alike. Not anymore though. Now, the new RM SafetyNet Plus Transparent Filtering Module allows you to provide filtering to all devices on your network, without the management overhead.

The ‘techie’ bit

Transparent Filtering is web filtering without the use of a proxy server. What does this mean? Well, with the Transparent Filtering Module, you have the ability to filter any device that uses the school Internet connection, without having to configure the user’s device. Whether it’s a school laptop, a staff iPad or a students' Android phone, filtering is applied automatically whilst still giving you full control via the SafetyNet Plus admin interface.

If you already use RM SafetyNet Plus, we won’t be turning off our traditional proxy filtering. This means all of your existing devices and configurations will continue to work as normal. The Transparent Filtering Module is simply there to help you manage an ever increasing range of devices, avoiding the pain of managing proxy configurations.

Worried about your filter lists?

The great thing about this module is that your existing filter lists will automatically apply to those devices using the transparent filter. As you modify your rules, both the proxy service and the transparent filter service will update and remain in sync.  

How much?

Well here’s the good news, for SWGfL customers the RM SafetyNet Plus Transparent Filtering Module is included in the price of your standard RM SafetyNet Plus Optional service. In other word’s it’s free!

If you’d like to empower the use of mobile devices in your school please read the Getting Started Guide (PDF). Once you’ve had a read, please log on to ESI and navigate to the filtering catalogue, click on Safetynet Plus and under the pricing tab, place an order for the Transparent filtering Module.