What is Triller?

What is Triller?

With new apps coming to the market every single day, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends.

Triller is the latest app that seems to be getting a lot of attention. Already it is said to have has reached millions of users all over the world. When the stats stack up as high as they do, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of the latest trend.

What is Triller?

Triller shares a lot of similarity to TikTok. Primarily a music video creator, Triller allows users to produce their own recordings and then share them out to the community. Think Karaoke on your phone! Videos can be taken in one long take or a series of cuts, depending on what you prefer. A library of songs is available within the app and you can also import a song from your own library. One of the key features takes your videos and then edits them together into a music video.

Another part of the app is the vlogging section. Very similar to the music video creator, you can film your content, take some pictures if you prefer and then Triller will edit them together, ready for sharing. You also can add in over 100 filters for your videos, giving them a bit of extra character.

Why are people using Triller?

With video becoming such a staple practice in social media, users are looking for easy ways to get their content out. Not only that, but with such an active user base, engagement levels are able to reach dizzying heights if shared effectively. In terms of accessibility, Triller is relatively easy to use in day to day social media. The time consuming elements of editing are pretty much taken care of with the auto-editing tool. The full access to a library of songs also means a lot of creativity ideas are at your fingertips.

As it bears a lot of similarity to TikTok, many users will already be familiar with the concept of creating videos. Despite this, Triller seems to appeal to those who want the editing side of things taken care of.

Is Triller safe to use?

Like most social media platforms, Triller incorporates guidelines to show harmful content is prohibited on the platform. They specifically highlight, 'nudity, graphic content, exploitation of minors, bullying, harassment, hate speech, impersonation, spamming and unauthorized sharing as points' they will act upon if violated. Content is monitored and they reserve the right to ban accounts, remove content and report material to law enforcement if required. The official age to download and sign up for Triller is 13 which can be found on the app store and Google Play. 

Although the guidelines are there, this does not ensure that harmful content cannot be posted and seen by young people. Triller states that if a user comes across content that they deem inappropriate or violates their terms of service, they should email the legal team at legal@triller.com

Always ensure that if young children are using the app, they are aware of the potential risks associated with social media content. Only talk with people they know and do not engage with anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable or asks for personal information. Supervising young people can be a gentle way to introduce them to new apps whilst showing them how to stay safe online.

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