What is ProjectEVOLVE EDU? - Exploring the New Training Platform from SWGfL

What is ProjectEVOLVE EDU? - Exploring the New Training Platform from SWGfL

We’re taking a deep dive into our new training platform, ProjectEVOLVE EDU. Many teachers across the UK will already be familiar with the ProjectEVOLVE toolkit, used to develop the digital literacy knowledge of students, and now ProjectEVOLVE EDU has been launched to support the knowledge of teachers and school staff.  

Our essential platform consists of features that support with the gradual development of topics including: 

  • Copyright & Ownership  

  • Managing Online Information  

  • Privacy and Security  

  • Self-Image and Identity  

  • Online Reputation 

  • Online Bullying and Harmful Behaviours  

  • Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle  

  • Online Relationships  

Within the platform, teachers and school staff can gain a better understanding of these topics through video resources, quizzes, and knowledge maps, all of which have been developed by our experts at SWGfL. What sets EDU apart from other training platforms is that users can also gain accreditation, highlighting specific achievement relating to online safety.  

How do I use ProjectEVOLVE EDU? 

Getting started and making your way through ProjectEVOLVE EDU is very simple. Like with our other services, someone within your school, college or organisation will need to be assigned as an admin, who can then give access to other members of staff. All staff can then work their way through the platform at their own pace, starting with video resources. 

Video Resources and Knowledge Maps 

Video resources are where progress will be made. Select a strand that you want to explore and then make sure you have watched all videos to completion – (keep an eye on the progress bar as you watch each video!) Resources are easy to follow and come with supporting transcripts; you can also develop your knowledge even further with quizzes and additional support.  

Once you have completed a strand, (for example if you complete all Copyright & Ownership video resources), you can then move onto the topic Knowledge Maps. You can track if a Knowledge Map is ready for you through progress, which will be clearly shown across the platform and through progress pages.  

Finally, once you have completed Knowledge Maps related to a topic of your choice you will receive accreditation, recognising your achievement and commitment to improving online safety within your establishment. This accreditation is something that you can share with others to highlight your improved stance and is there to empower your understanding. 

That’s it, that’s how you and your team can use ProjectEVOLVE EDU! It really is that simple. EDU is an easy-to-use platform, and one that can be used at a time that suits those within your team. It is not something that your team needs to do together, each teacher or member of staff can take it at their own pace to do independent learning. Individual progress can be tracked through the platform and organisational progress can be viewed by the admin to see how everyone is getting on.  

If you have any more questions, the platform includes FAQs to support you at any time. 

How do I Access ProjectEVOLVE EDU? 

Our innovative platform is here to give you the confidence to inform your students about an ever-changing landscape. It has been designed with educators, safeguarding staff and professionals in mind, to give an easy and enjoyable online safety training experience; one that is needed within all learning environments.  

To access ProjectEVOLVE EDU, please visit our website. From here you can sign up to an SWGfL account to preview the tool or subscribe to the full version.  

Start the ProjectEVOLVE EDU experience! 

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