What is k-ID? An Introduction to the New Online Safety Gaming Platform

What is k-ID? An Introduction to the New Online Safety Gaming Platform

k-ID, a technology company founded by industry leaders in online safety, privacy, and gaming, has unveiled a new platform aiming to transform the gaming experience for young players and parents while assisting publishers and developers in adhering to complex regulations, as well as ensuring compliance is being met.

Instead of focusing on individual games or publishers, k-ID is aiming to offer a wider solution towards safer, age-appropriate online experiences for children and young people globally. With its broader approach to online safety and gaming, the k-ID platform is an alternative measure compared to already established verification processes and pop-ups.

Compliance and Family Safety

k-IDprovides a comprehensive suite of tools, designed to support both developers and young players with safer, more compliant, and tailored gaming experiences:

  1. Global Compliance Engine: This API enables configuration of age-appropriate game experiences based on location, age, and ‘digital maturity’. It works to ensure that games are tailored to the specific needs of players without having to compromise on safety.
  2. Global Compliance Database: This database acts as an extensive compilation of regulations currently facing the gaming industry. Updated daily, it provides developers with insights whilst leveraging expertise of industry experts and regulators from around the world.
  3. Family Platform: This platform offers a single sign-on family portal. Parents are able to manage their child's online gaming experiences, adjusting settings based on their own desires.

To find out more about k-ID, you can watch the below video for more information:

Alternatively, you can visit www.k-id.com.

Safety and Gaming

Outlining regulatory complexities and providing support for both user and developers is a transparent move to work towards regulations being adhered to. If you would like to know more about how to stay safe online when gaming you can access our gaming hub, here to support users, or educate teachers and parents who can then inform the young people in their care. To explore topics such as mobile gaming, online spending, VR and E-Sports, alongside online safety practices, please visit the link below.

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