What Happened on Safer Internet Day?

What Happened on Safer Internet Day?

On Tuesday 7th February, we once again celebrated a ground-breaking Safer Internet Day where essential awareness was spread across the world around safer internet use. For the UK, we encouraged everyone to get involved with our theme ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online’ with particular focus around youth voice. It was once again a record breaking day with some outstanding support from schools and organisations. Take a look below at what happened throughout the day and if you missed anything, make sure you take a look at some of the events and activities.

Safer Internet Day Research

On the morning of Safer Internet Day, new research was launched around young people’s online experiences and how conversations around staying safe online need to improve. Some of the findings concluded that:

  • 57% of young people feel they can help to educate their parents and carers about being safe online.
  • 36% of parents are not sure of where to go for support should they need it.
  • 71% of young people feel responsible for reporting bad or potentially dangerous behaviour online.
  • 22% have reported someone or something troubling.
  • At least 80% of 8 to 17-year-olds would turn to their parents or carers if they saw something worrying or upsetting online.
  • However, some young people don’t feel able to talk with nearly one in 10 (7%) reporting they couldn’t have a conversation with anyone about their life online.

(Taken from UK Safer Internet Centre)

Watch the Liverpool FC Film

At 10am, we premiered our Safer Internet Day film with Liverpool FC. This film was produced as a result of our visit there on January 31st, to show local schools Anfield stadium and take part in some fun activities in preparation for Safer Internet Day. So far, the film has been watched over 1,000 times in classrooms. If you missed it, don’t worry, just make your way over to the UKSIC YouTube channel to see what happened.

Submit to the Video Wall

In the run up to Safer Internet Day we wanted to encourage young people to talk about their online experiences by submitting their own videos to our video wall. These videos are a chance to hear what young people want to see from a safer internet whilst giving them a chance to talk about what they do and don’t like when they go online. If you’re students haven’t managed to record their videos yet, there’s still time to submit. Make your way over to the UK Safer Internet Centre website and find out how to get involved.

Take the Safer Internet Day Quizzes

On the UK Safer Internet Centre website, schools were able to take the Safer Internet Day quizzes that are available for 7-11s, 11-14s and 14-18s. These fun activities can engage discussion in the classroom whilst also being available to do at home. These are all still available online so make sure you check them out and see if your students can get full marks.

Contribute to the Youth Charter

To further encourage youth voice for this year’s Safer Internet Day campaign, the UK Safer Internet Centre are running a youth charter that asks young people for what changes they want to see in how they are supported online going forward. This charter will then be delivered to government as well as the internet industry to encourage positive change for the future. Your students can still submit to the youth charter by following the guidance on the UKSIC website.

You Can Still Register Support

Finally, if you didn’t manage to register your support for Safer Internet Day, you can still do so by filling in the registration form. Your support will count towards our final supporter numbers which are currently almost at 5000! Join the other schools and organisations and tell us how you celebrated on the day.

Safer Internet Day 2023 showed us how young people were developing their understanding of online safety. Make sure the young people in your care gain a better understanding of internet safety by visiting the links above!

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