What Does a Donation Mean to SWGfL?

What Does a Donation Mean to SWGfL?

SWGfL is dedicated in their mission to ensure that everyone can benefit from technology free from harm. It may not seem obvious, but SWGfL consists of a compact team of just 36 people. With the initiative and expert guidance found within this team, our work covers a global scale, and as a leading online safety charity, we protect millions and millions of people every year with staying safe online.

Our renowned helplines are on hand to support anyone experiencing or affected by harm, and our products and services have been specifically designed to effectively respond to current safeguarding issues and the latest technological advancements. We are proud of what we do and work tirelessly to ensure people feel safe when they go online.

Protecting Individuals Online

As a not-for-profit charity, we take comfort in the knowledge that any money we make goes towards the protection of individuals online. Our unique position ensures that any donation we receive is spent effectively to ensure that we can continue our work in the best possible way.

Whether it’s ensuring our helpline practitioners have the correct equipment, developing innovative services to combat prevalent issues, delivering online safety training to schools, advocating for essential legal changes, or writing the latest safeguarding advice for emerging online threats, we are committed to delivering whatever is required in this unpredictable and ever-changing landscape.

A donation towards SWGfL means you are supporting us in our mission to protect individuals against online issues such as harassment, harmful content, intimate image abuse and cybercrime. No one should have to experience what we see children and adults face on a daily basis. Any donation, no matter how big or small, will help us in our journey to achieve that goal. You can help us make the internet a safer place by supporting SWGfL and donating today.

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