Welsh Government: Online Safety in Education

Welsh Government: Online Safety in Education

Since April 2014, SWGfL has worked in partnership with the Welsh Government to raise awareness of online safety issues and to improve online safety policy and practice for schools and colleges in Wales.

Online safety tools and resources for schools in Wales

A Welsh-language version of the award winning 360 degree safe self-review tool was available to all schools and colleges in 2014. Now, the updated and improved version of, 360 degree safe Cymru continues to support schools and colleges to assess and improve their online safety policy and practice.  88% of schools and colleges in Wales have registered to use the tool, which can be accessed once a staff member has logged into Hwb (the VLE for all schools and colleges in Wales).

Through our collaboration with the Digital Learning Unit at Welsh Government, schools and colleges in Wales can find a wide range of online safety, resources, advice and news available in the Online Safety Zone on the Hwb learning platform.

Writing on behalf of the Welsh Government, SWGfL produce resources on a variety of topics around online safety and digital wellbeing including screen time, body image and self-worth, online relationships, extremism, online bullying, social media, gaming and many more. 

On the Online Safety Zone, you can find our extended and in-depth playlists for learners, educators, governors and parents and carers, as well as shorter, guides for educators or parents/ carers. 

Online Safety Zone Highlights

The Online Safety Resource for Wales – in partnership with Common Sense Media, this consists of five lessons for every year group to empower learners to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world.

A teacher's guide to GDPR

Addressing online pornography – (Hwb log-in required)

Trust Me Cymru - A critical thinking resource for learners in Wales - Primary and Secondary

Keeping learners safe in education - online module for education practitioners

Keeping learners safe in education - online module for governors

Responding to and managing sexting incidents in schools 

To access all online safety resources and news, visit the Online Safety Zone on Hwb.


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