Are you up-to-date with Online Safety resources?

Are you up-to-date with Online Safety resources?

Welcome back! We hope you have had a great break, and managed to enjoy some quality (screen-free) time.

We know the start of the new school year is busy and fraught with many a challenge. That’s why our online safety experts have written a range of resources, available to schools, colleges, universities and parents to help you navigate staying safe online.

The online world is ever changing, ever growing and ever evolving. With over 4 billion people using the internet worldwide, over 3.5 billion of those use social media. That’s 45% of the world’s population using social media – Every. Day.

Social media, and the internet as a whole, provides a fantastic opportunity for us to connect, learn, play and communicate, but it’s important to know how to stay safe too.

If someone came to you with a problem on Facebook, would you know what to do? 

If one of your staff wanted to report something on Instagram, would you know what to say?

Have you set up your privacy settings properly on Snapchat?

Get equipped

Knowing how to answer any of these questions is a challenge for most adults, let alone advising young people on the tools they are growing up with daily.

That’s why we have created a number of online safety resources, ranging from top tips for parents to advice and guidance for universities. And let’s not forget our social media checklists, made in direct collaboration with the major social media networks.

Our checklists provide a quick and simple guide to staying safe and problem solving on some of the most popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are plenty more in the works that will cover more of the most popular social media platforms and big players in the world of gaming. Watch this space!

Written by our online safety experts, our wide range of resources are regularly updated and applicable to everyone who works with young people or technology. We’ve got guides to cover everything from GDPR compliance and guidance to Online Safety Policy Templates.

So, whether you are looking for advice and guidance around sexting, a useful handout for parents, or an Early Years toolkit, make sure you take a look at our Resources page.

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