UK Safer Internet Centre Releases Safer Internet Day Films

UK Safer Internet Centre Releases Safer Internet Day Films

The UK Safer Internet Centre has recently released an exclusive collection of short films tailored for Safer Internet Day 2024, designed to captivate and educate children and young people aged 3 to 18 years old. These films serve as starters for meaningful conversations, making them perfect for educators and professionals eager to participate in Safer Internet Day activities across various environments such as schools, nurseries, youth groups, libraries, and beyond.

Complementing the Safer Internet Day education packs, these films have been created to enhance the overall learning journey. Centered around the theme of Safer Internet Day 2024, "Inspiring Change? Making a Difference, Managing Influence, and Navigating Change Online," the films delve into crucial aspects of the ever-evolving digital realm, shedding light on topics like artificial intelligence and the changes witnessed by the younger generation in the online sphere.

To gain insight into Safer Internet Day, watch the campaign film below:

Stay tuned, the UK Safer Internet Centre will also provide the British Sign Language (BSL) versions of these films over January.

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