UK Safer Internet Centre Release Two Year Public Report

UK Safer Internet Centre Release Two Year Public Report

The UKSIC has compiled a report that outlines the key achievements over the past two years including the impact of Safer Internet Day, the support of the hotlines and helplines, along with the resources created by ourselves, Childnet and IWF. The report is divided into:

Awareness Raising And Education Highlights

Here the impact of Safer Internet Day is explained, along with the resources we've created and continued to utilise throughout this time including ProjectEVOLVE, 360Safe, Childnet Digital Leaders Programme and the Digital Wellbeing resource.

Hotline Highlights

IWF then report on the amount of reports they've recieived and the amount of content they have removed. It goes on to explain the reporting portals that have been set up as well as the trends they have seen throughout this time.

Helpline Highlights

POSH and Report Harmful Content are then broken down to explain the amount of reports they have recieved and the amount of cases that have been resolved including content removed. They also go onto explain the new partnerships they have gained as well as the new resources they have created.

Impact Of Covid-19 And The UK Safer Internet Centre

To finish off, the report summarises the amount of impact that the UKSIC has had during this time as well as the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in resource and guidance support including advice on safe remote learning.

To get a better understanding of how important the work of the UK Safer Internet Centre is, this report breaks down the essential support given in raising awareness of online safety. 

UK Safer Internet Centre Report 

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