TikTok Checklist Updated for 2023

TikTok Checklist Updated for 2023

TikTok took the world by storm in 2018, transforming how we watch videos online and creating a new generation of online influencers and digital creators. There’s a vast amount of content, features, and communities on TikTok, and our updated TikTok Checklist for 2023 will help support anyone who wants to safely make the most of the online entertainment platform.

Our latest 2023 TikTok checklist, developed in partnership with TikTok, answers all the questions that anyone, including users, parents, carers, and teachers, may need to navigate the social media platform in a safe and secure way. Find out how this resource can be used in our latest article.

What are the age restrictions?

Like most apps, TikTok provides important age restriction features to ensure that everyone can stay safe whilst browsing the app. The latest TikTok Checklist highlights the different settings available for every user, and the default settings in place for anyone under 16.

How can I set my messaging preferences?

Messaging preferences give users control of how they can be contacted by other users on TikTok. There are several different ways to set up your messaging preferences, which can be customised to your liking. The new Checklist explains how to adjust who can communicate with you.

How can I limit the content I see?

There are several different ways to limit the content you see on TikTok based on keywords or content maturity levels. By using the TikTok Checklist, users can find out how to limit and filter the content they see when using the app.

How do I set my videos to private?

Many users on TikTok may want to limit how their videos are visible to others, sometimes they may only want their content to be visible to just their friends. The Checklist explains all of the different options available to limit how your videos are visible to others.

How do I block a user?

Like with many social media platforms, there may be occasions where you want to take further control to limit users from interacting with your TikTok. You can find out how to easily block users on TikTok so that they cannot interact with you through the Checklist.

How do I report a problem?

There may be occasions when users want to report a concern to TikTok. The Checklist explains the different ways to report any concerns or problems a user may have with another user or video.

If you are a teacher or professional working with children and have any concerns about reporting accounts on TikTok, you can also escalate your reports with the support of the Professionals Online Safety Helpline. Find out more about making a TikTok report here.

Download the TikTok Checklist

The Checklist aims to provide all the information you need to ensure that your TikTok account is up to date with the latest privacy and security settings, along with information on wellbeing management and updated features.

This is also an excellent free resource for schools to download that can help to raise awareness around available settings and the importance of using platforms with safety and digital wellbeing in mind. Professionals who would like to easily share the resource can also visit the SWGfL store to purchase physical copies of the checklist.

Download TikTok Checklist

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