The 360 degree safe tool is changing later in the year

The new tool will be launched later this year. Our new features will make it easier and quicker to use. We want to help schools stay on top of online safety in your school and this is what is driving these changes. The result will be a new, easier to use and more streamlined 360 degree safe tool, now in development.

The new content means that schools will find it easier to demonstrate how they meet statutory requirements and achieve best practice. The new registration system will simplify the process of managing new and existing users. 360 degree safe has had 28 aspects for 10 years. Later this year there will be just 21 making life quicker and easier when working on the review. Some schools have told us they would like to be able to demonstrate progress over time. The new progress history report being launched later this year will help do just that. Our new data visualisation will help schools to see how they compare against our national dataset. On the whole, the new tool will save time, reduce workload, and make the self-review process more efficient.
Existing users will receive updates about the changes via email. For all other users, information will be available on the tool homepage and our website. We’re looking forward to sharing our new content and tool with schools later this year.

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