Swiggle Announced As BETT Award Finalist

Swiggle Announced As BETT Award Finalist

We’re so happy to hear that our very own Swiggle has been put forward as a finalist in the prestigious BETT Awards Primary Content Category for 2021. The BETT Awards is one of the leading ceremonies in the field of innovative and creative online technology solutions for the education sector in the UK. They’re award ceremonies are some of the most well known in the eyes of education professionals, with many of the products and services put forward being some of the most used by schools.

Swiggle the child friendly search engine was put forward because it offers a perfect step forward for young people starting their internet experience. Schools and parents alike can set Swiggle as their default homepage and encourage young people to use the internet in a safe and secure manner through filtered online content that prioritises educational resources. We also continuously work to filter out any content that may be upsetting, however, users can also report any material they deem inappropriate. If we find content to be harmful, we will automatically block it from Swiggle.

Ken Corish (Director of SWGfL) said:

We are delighted that Swiggle has been nominated as a finalist for the BETT 2021 awards. Whilst Google is one of the world’s go to search engines, it was never designed with children in mind. Swiggle provides a safer search environment for children to find the content or image they need without the clutter and risk from a typical Google search.

Hundreds of schools across the UK now use it as their default portal on school devices and value it’s safer environment; ability for children to flag issues and for adults to report inappropriate content. Given the country’s reliance on home learning through technology during this pandemic, it also gives peace of mind to parents schooling from home too.

We have previously won a BETT award in 2011 for 360 Safe and in 2015 for our work on BOOST which equipped schools with some of our most powerful online tools including Reputation Alerts which is currently being offered for free for a five-week trial whilst lockdown measures are in effect. We are looking forward to hearing the results in June and obviously, keeping fingers crossed that Swiggle will be crowned the winner!

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