SWGfL Release Online Reporting Hub

SWGfL Release Online Reporting Hub

When it comes to online reporting, it can be difficult to understand what processes are involved when we need to escalate certain types of content.

A lot of online content can promote a wide variety of online harm ranging from illegal to legal but harmful. Depending on what you are faced with, it can also be confusing to know where you need to go to report certain things. That’s why we’ve created this brand-new hub on the SWGfL website that gives you all the information you need around how to report harmful online content. Take a look below at what is included.

How to Report Harmful Online Content

Our exclusive reporting hub is broken down in several ways. It gives an overview of what harmful online content can look like, when you need to report, why it is important to report and where you need to go to escalate concerns. There is also further information included about the importance of reporting at school and what services can support you along the way.

We are also happy to provide schools with an accessible downloadable resource that can be used in school settings to promote the importance of online reporting. Take a look below at the new online reporting hub and signpost your communities towards the correct help.

Reporting Hub

If you need support with anything else, we have created a number of additional hubs that relate to specific topics including gaming, digital wellbeing, social media, cyber security and back to school.

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