SWGfL Release New Resource for Schools Planning Online Performances

SWGfL Release New Resource for Schools Planning Online Performances

Tis the season to be jolly! Fa la la la la. . . I’m sure you know the rest. While it may seem a bit too early to be even talking about the festive season, things will start to come around very quick! Before you know it, we’ll all be singing along to Mariah Carey and breaking out the mince pies. But whether we want to admit or not, things may be slightly different this year. With COVID-19 causing disruption to the way we all socialise, the end of the year could see a change in some of our traditions.

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Is your school putting on a show?

The school play is one of the more popular traditions that brings together school communities all over the country. With large gatherings being unable to come together due to lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures, there may be some uncertainty as to whether school plays can actually continue. Despite this, there is a solution that many schools will adopt in order to keep the tradition going!

Video conferencing and online broadcasting has been such a staple form of communication throughout the past year, it’s been marvel to see how it has brought so many people together through this time. Not only that, but professional stage shows have been broadcast, comedians have performed live, even concerts themselves have been streamed. Schools themselves may want to take a similar approach. Whilst it may not bring everyone together in the same way, this new form of communication is perfect for families who may struggle with work/ life balance and for those who live far away. Being able to see the show from your own living room will make it more accessible for the whole community.

What do I need to know about putting on an online performance?

When putting on a video or audio broadcast, it automatically opens up a new set of safeguarding responsibilities and measures that need to be adopted. Ensuring the safety of pupils and staff involved is a number one priority. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful resource that highlights everything schools need to be aware of when putting on a live or pre-recorded online performance.

Included is information about policy, event options, technology, expectations, parental notification as well as other helpful resources. Whilst there is no expectation to host such events, it’s important to know the correct guidance so your online performance can go ahead without worry.

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For more advice and guidance, you can also phone the POSH helpline to discuss anything that may be of concern.

There's also some great guidance about Safe Remote Learning covering a wide variety of aspects you can check out. 

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