SWGfL partnership with AQDAR in UAE wins prestigious United Nations WSIS Award 2017

SWGfL partnership with AQDAR in UAE wins prestigious United Nations WSIS Award 2017

Building on the multi-award winning success of 360 Degree Safe in the UK, we are proud to announce our innovative work with AQDAR in the United Arab Emirates has won an International Telecommunication Union award at the World Summit for Information Society 2017 in Geneva. Out of 345 projects from countries across the world, AQDAR’s ESafe Programme for online safety achieved first place in Category C1: The role of government and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development

As part of AQDAR’s Khalifa Empowerment Programme, SWGfL and UAE partner Knowledge Point adapted 360 Degree Safe standards to create an innovative set of tools to support all schools in the Emirates with developing their online safety strategy.

The new toolset:

  • Allows schools to audit their provision
  • Offers advice and support to improve online safety strategy
  • Empowers UAE consultants to give detailed feedback and metrics to schools
  • Builds benchmarks and and two levels of accreditation for schools to celebrate their success

Ken Corish (SWGfL Online Safety Manager) said:

We are very proud to be working with the UAE government and partners on this project and the WSIS award is testimony to the quality and effectiveness of those very partnerships. Our own UK research has shown year on year that the 360 standards work in moving the nation’s schools forward in their online safety provision and over the coming months we intend to build those outcomes for UAE schools. The positive benefits for schools, staff students and families mean we create a safer and empowered environment for technology to flourish.

Details of the award and the AQDAR Esafe Programme can be found at: http://www.itu.int/net4/wsis/prizes/2017/

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