SWGfL partners with Dialogue to support residential care online safety leads

SWGfL partners with Dialogue to support residential care online safety leads

We are proud to share that we have partnered with Dialogue to provide quarterly workshops for online safety leads who want to support the digital wellbeing and online safety of children in residential care and supported accommodation.

Dialogue is a safeguarding and training organisation who work with organisations to ‘’create links between learning and practice’’

Together, SWGfL and Dialogue have worked to develop regular forums suitable for an online safety lead from every residential home in England.

These forums, co-hosted by SWGfL and Dialogue, will provide guidance and support to each online safety lead; supporting them with information, free self-assessment tools, expertise around Children’s Homes regulations and the internet.

Those in attendance, will also be given the opportunity to share ideas, concerns and practice with other leads in children’s homes across the country.

Online safety leads will have access to:

  • A regular 2-3 hour online forum every 3 months
  • Supported checklists to ensure your setting’s practice is up to speed
  • CPD, project/group work on shared goals and an opportunity to share ideas, problems and successes with other leads
  • Speakers on relevant topics
  • Facilitation by highly experienced leaders from SWGfL and Dialogue
  • Ad hoc initial advice and support to members in between sessions
  • Ideas for policy development, staff training and support
  • Relevant research and publications as they become available so your staff are always up to date

This important partnership will ensure that there is a focus on the digital wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable children in the country, whilst also highlighting the risks these children face when navigating through digital technology.

If you would like to learn more about how our partnership with Dialogue is supporting residential care online safety leads, visit the Online Safety Forum.

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