SWGfL listed as one of the most innovative ‘Online Safety’ companies in UK

SWGfL listed as one of the most innovative ‘Online Safety’ companies in UK

A new report published today has revealed that the UK is a world leader in online safety innovation. As part of this, SWGfL are proud to be listed as one the 70 companies throughout the nation leading the way in online safety products. As well as this, the report significantly highlights SWGfL to showcase some of the many fields we excel in.

The independent study, ‘Safer technology, safer users: The UK as a world leader in Safety Tech’, highlights significant growth within the Safety Tech sector, with the number of dedicated online safety firms doubling in the last five years. SWGfL have stood the test of time, with 20 years’ experience in online safety and still being a driving force in innovation and development of tech both at home and abroad.

Ian Daniells CEO of SWGfL commented:

This is a recognition of the expertise and national reputation that SWGfL as a charity has developed and which continues to grow. If there are schools and others who have not visited our website I would encourage them to do so and see how we might help them.

Some of our products which have stood out through the years include:

Swiggle – The Child Friendly Search Engine: An ad-free search engine designed specifically for kids who are taking their first steps on the internet.

360 degree safe: Supporting 14,000 schools over the last decade in assessing and improvements to make the use of technology safer for their children.

Test Filtering: Schools in England and Wales have statutory obligations to keep children safe from particular types of content, supporting users in checking their filtering service.

What did the report find?

While the research for the report was carried out prior to the impact of coronavirus, high growth rates are still projected for the safety tech sector driven by increased demand for their products. The main findings of the report are:

  • UK safety tech providers currently hold an estimated 25 per cent of the global market share. 
  • In 2019, the sector generated £226 million in annual revenues, and has grown rapidly with an estimated 35 per cent annual growth rate since 2016. 
  • Some of the most established companies (those earning in excess of £5 million) have grown at rates of up to 90 per cent a year, and the report estimates that safety tech revenues could exceed £1 billion by 2025.
  • In 2015, the safety tech sector raised £6 million in external investment across ten deals. By 2019, the figure had increased more than eightfold to £51 million across nineteen deals.
  • The report anticipates the UK is likely to see its first safety tech unicorn (a company worth over $1 billion) emerge in the coming years, with three other companies also demonstrating the potential to hit unicorn status in the early 2020s.

SWGfL are proud to be included in such an important milestone in the field of online safety. The hard work that goes in to SWGfL products and services will continue on to make the UK the safest place to be online. Everybody should benefit from technology, free from harm.

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