Stuck at Home? - Just Remember!

Stuck at Home? - Just Remember!

So yes, a lot of us are now at home. Whether you’re happy about it or not, you can’t deny that working from your own living room has its perks. I for one get to play with my dog for longer each morning. I don’t have to commute or rush out the door! Not only that, but the amount of ‘office cake’ has nearly tripled overnight.

But while we can indulge in home luxuries, there is still the other side of the coin that we may need to consider. Homelife may be a comfort zone to some, but for others, it may not be so straight forward. The work environment can sometimes act as a pause button; a break from our own ground. The focus, productivity and achievement we feel can often just be assigned to an office or a classroom. Basically . . . it can sometimes be difficult to combine home with work.

The main thing to remember though - this is an opportunity! Technology can be used in a variety of revolutionary ways to ensure we can make the most of our situation. There is a whole world of knowledge, challenge and opportunity out there. Most amazingly though, it can all come through one screen!

So while you're having to cancel important events and explore virtual alternatives, just know, we are here with you every step of the way. The online world is due to get even busier than before, so it’s worth knowing how you can continue to stay productive and most importantly, safe. 

We at SWGfL will continue to support you through your home environment whether you need guidance on online safety or whether you’re a professional seeking help. This also relates to our other services that will continue to run. Are you a victim of harmful content online? Our helplines will still be there.

To get the full breakdown of how our services will operate, click the link below.

Rest assured, now more than ever, we will navigate this situation together. If there are things you need from us or additional ways we can support you, please let us know. And most importantly, we wish you good health, for you, your families, and your communities.

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