Nominated for WSIS Prize Nominated for WSIS Prize

We are delighted to announce that has been nominated for a prestigious WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society) prize for 2024 in the Action Line C9 Media category. joins a list of 20 organisations within the category that were selected out of a total of 1049 submitted entries. The public voting process is now open for users to cast their votes over which project they feel has created the most impact, with results being announced in May.

We would please ask that if you have followed our journey with to support us by submitting your vote for our initiative, which protects  adults across the world who have been impacted by intimate image abuse.

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World Summit on the Information Society

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) is a global initiative aimed at addressing the opportunities and challenges of digital technology. With its inception in 2003, WSIS has become a pivotal platform for governments, NGOs, businesses, and civil society to discuss policies and initiatives that promote digital inclusion, access to information, and sustainable development through technology.

Through various forums and sessions, WSIS fosters dialogue on bridging the digital divide, cybersecurity, internet governance, and harnessing the power of technology for social progress. The prizes themselves aim to recognise the projects and initiatives that are working towards positive impact within the technological space as well as advancing development., aligns with the WSIS values by addressing effective response towards non-consensual intimate image abuse. It promotes human rights by protecting an individual's privacy whilst fostering digital inclusivity and whilst empoweringt individuals to control their digital presence. The tool's collaborative approach involves industry partners and a global network of NGOs, whilst also raising awareness and education on NCII risks to the public. Using image hashing, it also reflects WSIS's goal of using ICT for societal good, addressing digital safety.

If you want to find out more about you can visit the tool or hear the latest news about  You can also discover more about the impact of by reading this article, which explored the 2-year anniversary of the tool, latest data and the collaboration of industry platforms.

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