Staying Safe Online over the Summer

Staying Safe Online over the Summer

The school summer holidays are coming up, and while this means weeks of (relative) freedom for teachers and pupils alike, it also means that schools cannot be involved in their pupils’ online safety in the coming months. This, then, is a good time to squeeze in some online safety training, to ensure young people know how to stay safe over the summer break, and parents know how to combat any problems they may encounter.

With exams and other end of year commitments we know that it’s a busy time of year for schools, but with one of our bespoke training sessions, one of our highly experienced experts could come and equip pupils - of different age groups, parents and staff with the knowledge they need when it comes to dealing with some of the current and prevalent trends, concerns and issues .

The training sessions are a great tool for learning how to use the internet in a positive way, and how parents and their kids can engage with it together. While there are several worrying aspects of the online world, there are also loads of really great ways that young people can interact and create their own online spaces.


Training sessions can be tailored to meet your school’s needs and cover specific areas of concern for discussion, for instance:

  • Gaming,
  • sexting,
  • screen-times or
  • keeping identities or personal details safe.

Sometimes the trickiest thing can be knowing how to talk to one’s child or a pupil about the way they use the internet. Concerns around particular apps, cyberbullying and social media are commonplace, and sometimes more sinister issues can occur, and it can be difficult to know how to tackle these issues and start this kind of dialogue with young people.

Training you can Trust

There are lots of Online Safety training providers out there who claim to be experts, but the experience of our consultants is what really sets us apart from the rest to ensure you know you’re getting quality training you can trust. Our consultants come from a range of backgrounds; from the police, schools, IT, children’s charities and social development research, and they all have years of experience in online safety.

UKCCIS has produced this guidance for schools on Using External Visitors to Support Online Safety Education.

If you book one of our training sessions you can also be safe in the knowledge that SWGfL works alongside organisations like the UK Council for Child Internet Safety, the Department for Education, the NEN Safeguarding Group, Welsh Government, Scottish Government, OFSTED and many more in the UK and around the world. We are a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre, and we deliver these sessions on behalf of the centre.

Easy to digest

Online Safety is an ever-changing entity, and it can seem overwhelming, but once you break it down the solutions become more realistic. If you understand tools like parental controls on games and privacy settings, this can make a fundamental difference to the way in which a child interacts with the internet, and could keep them safe. Let us know what your school or parents are worried about, and we can cover it. Getting these dialogues started is the most important thing, to ensuring children’s online safety and happiness in the future.

How to book

If you are interested in booking one of our training sessions, visit to see the different types of training sessions, and by clicking ‘Enquire Now’ and filling out your details we find a dedicated consultant according to your requirements.

If you are too busy before the holidays, we are also able to take bookings for the new school year. Get in touch today.

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