Snapchat’s New Safety Resources Launch In The UK

Snapchat’s New Safety Resources Launch In The UK

In the run up to Safer Internet Day, it was great to see that safety continued to be prioritised in Snapchat’s latest new resources. If someone you know uses Snapchat, find out about 2 new resources designed to help keep all Snapchatters safer online.

Safety Snapshot

For Safer Internet Day, Snapchat launched a new Discover channel, Safety Snapshot, dedicated to online safety for Snapchatters. Twelve episodes will be released over the coming months that focus on topics like keeping your account safe, debunking myths, protecting your data, reporting illegal activity or bullying on Snapchat, and more.

When the pandemic first hit, there was a 40% increase in reports related to hacked accounts. With that in mind, the first episode includes a swipe-up call-to-action to encourage Snapchatters to verify their email.

Subscribe by searching for Safety Snapshot in app and clicking the subscribe button. Once done, you’ll receive safety and privacy tips and tricks as they’re released on the channel. Over the next year watch out for advice about digital literacy, combating hate speech and taking social media breaks.

Introducing Snapchat’s Parent Guide

From inception, Snapchat have focused on helping real friends connect when they’re apart and to help them feel comfortable expressing themselves in the moment. The app was created as a tool to make people feel comfortable expressing themselves with their camera. Snapchat is deliberately built differently than traditional social media, in ways that make it much safer for our community. Snapchat encourage parents and teens to have regular conversations about appropriate use of Snapchat and other platforms which is why they have put together this guide.

Snapchat's new 25 page, fully localized, Parent Guide is available through their Safety Center and Support Site. The link is dynamic — meaning it will provide the viewer with their localized version, based on their IP address. Snap’s Platform Integrity team worked with their Safety Advisory Board (which we are members of) to create this resource and recently presented it at the FOSI conference where it received great feedback.

Looking for Support?

For Safer Internet Day, Snapchat shared these resource far and wide to make sure it gets into the hands of those who need it most, parents, educators and Snapchatters themselves

If you’d like to find out more about the safety and reporting features on Snapchat, take a look at our Snapchat Checklist which answers FAQ’s around reporting and control.

If something’s happened to you or someone you are supporting on Snapchat, we can help. Take a look at our helplines flowchart to work out which service is the best to offer support.

Helplines Flowchart

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