Schools to benefit from new Assisted Monitoring

Our new assisted monitoring service will help schools protect their communities by helping them monitor what students are doing online.

How does it work?

The new Assisted Monitoring service will keep an eye on schools’ monitoring systems and make immediate contact with the school if an urgent issue is reported. 
Capitalising on the unique skills within SWGfL, one of our experts will then contact the school and provide them with advice and support on how to respond, manage and resolve the issue.

Why do schools need it?

Schools are under strict DfE guidance to ensure they are keeping young people safe in education. Keeping Children Safe in Education states that all schools must employ “appropriate filtering and monitoring” to block access to and raise alerts for users accessing illegal, harmful or inappropriate content online.
Although most schools employ (often expensive) monitoring systems, they do not always know how to make the most of the systems and manage them effectively.
By providing an Assisted Monitoring service, SWGfL is offering to take away that worry and give schools the peace of mind that their community is protected and that they meet these regulations.

SWGfL has launched a new service that will help schools protect their school communities from people trying to access illegal content.

Schools that have trialled the service said:

“It was a huge relief not to worry about missing something important”

“It dealt with issues that I would not have considered”

Why SWGfL?

SWGfL is a world leader in online child safety. We are a founding member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety as well as an advisor to governments and the coordinator of the UK Safer Internet Centre.
We are uniquely placed to provide this service, having developed unique skills and operating two award winning national helplines:
·         The Professionals Online Safety Helpline (POSH – part of the UK Safer Internet Centre) and
·         the Revenge Porn Helpline (RP)

Laura Higgins, Online Safety Operations Manager at SWGfL said:

“Our specialist team has a unique set of capabilities that are perfect for this type of service. They are trained to know what issues to look for, which are often complex and significant, as well as the capacity to make immediate contact with the school and the skills to help resolve these issues.

“We have been critical of schools that purchase these very powerful monitoring systems but fail to apply the necessary resources to manage them. Effective safeguarding relies on a school’s ability to respond and act on those alerts. 

“A school holding safeguarding intelligence and not acting upon it undermines the system’s purpose and it is failing in its duty of care. We have the capability and capacity to make a real difference here – which is why we are introducing Assisted Monitoring.”

Assisted Monitoring will be available to any school that purchases Future Digital’s Cloud Monitoring services.

Assisted Monitoring

For more information, and to register your interest in assistance with your monitoring system, email: or call 0344 800 2382

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