Schools Internet Service: What you need to know

Schools Internet Service: What you need to know

We’re always very concerned when we hear that schools are being misinformed particularly when it leads to additional spending or a compromise in quality, safety or security.

So don’t forget that you already get the following included within the cost of your service from SWGfL so you don’t need to pay extra for them from elsewhere:

  • Network Services - Unlimited managed IP and DNS
  • Change & Service Management - Unlimited Technical Change Requests
  • ESI - Online portal to make technical Change Requests and raise support calls 24/7
  • Service Standards - UK based Expert Technical Support team available via telephone 8am - 9pm
  • Monitoring & Reporting - 24/7 Monitoring, 10,000 proactive checks every minute
  • Essential Security - Customisable firewall rules (24hr turnaround, quicker for urgent requests)
  • Essential Security -Intrusion detection and prevention – unprecedented level of protection against malicious attacks
  • Essential Safety - No access to illegal content including IWF CAIC and Online Terror Content
  • Essential Safety -Attempts to illegal content is proactively monitored with unique links to Police and expert support in an emergency
  • Filtering - SSL interception intercepts and inspects all Google search results (even since Google moved to SSL)
  • Filtering -Content Filtering scans the content of every page, not just the URL
  • Filtering -Hierarchical and delegated management for MATs and Federations to control filtering at organisation level and/or establishment level

For a comprehensive list of what is included in your Service, visit our Schools Internet Service pages.

And if you’re unsure about what’s included and what’s not just give the team a call

  • Technical Support and Change Requests – 0845 307 7870 (8am – 9pm)
  • Upgrades, Contracts, Billing – 0845 601 3203 (8am – 5pm)

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