Safer Internet Day 2018: Education packs and SID TV films now available

Safer Internet Day 2018: Education packs and SID TV films now available

Safer Internet Day 2018 will be celebrated globally on Tuesday 6th February 2018 with the slogan “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”.

To help organisations get involved in the day, the UK Safer Internet Centre has launched Safer Internet Day 2018 Education Packs and SID TV videos.

Created for educators across the UK, the packs provide free resources to help educate students aged 3-18 about online safety issues. The SID TV video content is a series of educational videos that complement the messaging of the education packs, and can be used in conjunction to the lessons or on their own.

SID TV educational videos

The UK Safer Internet Centre also provides ‘SID TV’, a series of education films to complement the Education Packs. These films help to start a conversation with young people about healthy relationships online and digital empathy. The SID TV films look at how children and young people of different ages consider how they and how others feel online, and ways to respond or take a minute to manage their feelings. The videos are a great starting point to spark discussions in schools, youth groups, with friends and at home.

From Edinburgh to Cardiff the SID TV content was filmed right across the UK to ensure that our engaging films will explore a range of issues about the safe and positive use of technology, and will showcase a variety of voices and opinions.

Safer Internet Day Education Packs

Tailored for each key stage, the Education Packs include lesson plans, assemblies, posters, and other quick activities. Each of the education packs also has an accompanying SID TV educational film, which is designed to complement the lessons and learning objective in each pack.

There are 6 education packs (available in English and Welsh), each with their own age appropriate content and theme:

3- 7 year olds

This pack focusses on ways in which children can be kind to others as well as different ways they can keep themselves safe online.

7- 11 year olds

This pack explores what constitutes positive and negative behaviour online, how online behaviours can impact on the feelings of others and also develops their online conflict management.

11 - 14 year olds

For 11-14 year olds the education pack looks at how the online world can influence and put pressure on young people. This is followed by exploring possible responses to online pressures and also looking at online connections and respect online.

14 - 18 year olds

This pack explores how people conduct themselves positively online and promote change, evaluate how well we are using the internet to connect with each other, and suggest ways to help all young people create, connect and share respect online.

A pack for parents and carers

The pack for parents and carers includes ideas, information and activities to help parents and carers talk to their children about how to use the internet and technology positively and safely.

View the Safer Internet Day Education packs

The creation of the education packs was supported by Oath, and the translation of the packs was completed with support from the Welsh Government.

Information for educators delivering Safer Internet Day activities

We have also created a pack for the people delivering the Safer Internet Day messages in your school.
This pack is designed to help you make sure your Safer Internet Day activities are the best they can be! This pack includes:

  • A guide to celebrating SID in your education setting
  • Information about handling disclosures and sensitive topics
  • Advice for talking to the press about your SID activities
  • Information about how you can spread the word of SID even further.

Safer Internet Day on Social Media

Make the internet a better place this Safer Internet Day by taking positive action online. This Safer Internet Day post online using #SID2018 and join the #ItStartsWithUs social media campaign by sharing what positive actions you and the young people you work with are doing to celebrate!

Find out more about how you and your school can get involved in the Safer Internet Day Social Media Campaign.

About Safer Internet Day

Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre, Safer Internet Day sees thousands of people across the UK get involved to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

Over 1,600 organisations supported Safer Internet Day 2017, collectively reaching millions of children across the UK. With your help we can make this Safer Internet Day even bigger.

Help make Safer Internet Day 2018 the biggest yet!

Visit Safer Internet Day where you will be able to:

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