RM SafetyNet with User based Filtering

RM SafetyNet with User based Filtering

RM Safetynet with user based filtering is live! UBF is now well established and hundreds of our customers are using it. Are you? If you want it, you need to ensure you sign up for it. It isn’t an automatic upgrade.

Why do you need it?

User based filtering has been designed to meet the new DFE guidelines, keeping children safe in education. UBF not only allows you to apply more granular rules to your schools filtering, but also provides you with the ability to create reports telling you what your USERS have been doing online.

  • You can now customise user groups together by year, key stage, after-school clubs etc
  • You can allow groups bespoke access to certain websites at specific times of the day
  • Reporting at an individual level
  • Internet usage reports: identify what your users have been up to and identify any concerning behaviours.

How does it do this?

User based filtering syncs with your active directory: so you don’t need to spend time updating users every time someone joins or leaves the school, they will automatically be updated into your SafetyNet UI every night.

So what else?

Bandwidth graphs: these have been around for a while. They provide you with your schools usage and can be used to help inform decisions around potential upgrades.

Is that it?

No! RM Safetynet plus is developing all the time; Spikey the hedgehog is retiring soon, and we will be introducing a new block page for your school. Follow me filtering for chromebooks; your filters, wherever they go.

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