RM offer support in response to ‘Education Platform’ scheme

RM offer support in response to ‘Education Platform’ scheme

The Department for Education has published a new scheme to support schools set up an online teaching platform. This has been in response to the Coronavirus pandemic as remote learning is now considered a regular practice throughout the UK. Thousands of schools will now benefit from having partnerships with online platform giants Google and Microsoft to boost remote learning for their school community.

As schools, parents and children adapt to the changing environment we are all faced with, it is vital that we provide them with the right support so young people are able to continue their education.

Schools Minister Nick Gibb

In response to this, RM Education has shown its support by offering their services throughout the nation. RM Education has supported the education sector for many years, working closely with Primary and Secondary schools throughout the country, offering a high standard of guidance and experience to those who need it. Their level of service incorporates over 400 engineers in the UK and India – constantly offering support on a daily basis.

Their services to support this new scheme allow them to work closely with you, ensuring your online teaching needs are professionally met as and when you need them.

How to Apply

To apply for the Education Platform scheme with RM, it’s very simple. Use the following link which takes you to ‘The Key’ website: 

Apply for Scheme

You will then need to complete and submit an online form that can found near the bottom of the page. If you select either Microsoft or Google, you can then choose RM in box 26. The form will then go straight to the chosen supplier. If your school is eligible for the DFE scheme, it will be passed directly to RM so that they can set up your Google or Microsoft tenancy. Please be aware that the terms have stated, if your school does not choose a platform, one will be automatically assigned to you.

There are also videos available from RM, offering some guidance if you’re not sure about choosing between Microsoft and Google  https://www.rm.com/education/covid-19

RM Buzz

Not only that but if you decide to sign up with RM, you will also have the benefit of setting up RM Buzz. RM Buzz is a device based online filtering solution for Chromebooks. Regardless of where students are connected, RM Buzz keeps their internet use safe and appropriate. You control what filtering you feel is right for each age group, customising filters per user where required.

They have also offered a free trial! If you sign up before 31 May 2020, RM will give it to you for FREE until 1 September 2020 – whether you are a new or an existing RM customer.

 To sign up, just complete the form on their webpage and they will get back to you almost immediately.

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