RM Easymail is closing, but don’t panic.

If your school uses RM Easymail for email, you are probably aware that the service will be ceasing at some point this year.


RM recognise that Easymail, which was one of the first email platforms designed specifically for schools, can no longer meet the ever increasing requirements of a modern school. With Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365 Education offering a full productivity suite for schools that makes anytime, anywhere, any device a reality, schools are ready to move away from traditional server-based email and take the step into the cloud.

We agree with this change, we think it’s the right time, and it will encourage schools to progress in their ICT strategy.

What happens next?

RM have probably already been in touch to provide you with details of the closure and your options moving forwards. If not, you should be hearing from them soon.

To find out more details about the closure of Easymail and the options that RM are offering, please visit this page on the RM website: http://www.rm.com/products/rm-unify/email.

What can SWGfL offer?

Over the last 12 months, we have been working closely with schools to understand more about their aspirations for cloud services, what they need and want from a cloud solution, and as a result we have built a package of cloud services tailored for Education, and this includes email.

Our discussions with schools identified the following as priorities:

  • An easy-to-use solution that is intuitive for staff and students
  • Access to cloud services through a single portal with one username and password
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device access with the ability to collaborate
  • Minimal administrative burden
  • Permission based access
  • Training and support for staff and administrators

And we listened. And Launch was born.

What is Launch?

Whilst Launch does include migration of email, it is so much more than just that. So let’s go on the Launch journey.

Each of your users will have an account that is automatically created through a secure link with your SIMS server. Because the information is pulled from SIMS, Launch knows what year group the pupil is in (or whether they are a teacher, non-teacher or governor), whether they are in the tennis club etc, and can then apply permissions accordingly. Using this identity, Launch will then do 2 things:

  • Create a Microsoft Office 365 Education account or Google Apps for Education account. The functionality open to the user (email, calendar, storage, web apps etc) will depend on the permissions applied. All email will be migrated to the new accounts.
  • Create a web desktop for each user. We provide each user with a (BETT award winning!) web based control panel; a school-friendly interface through which staff and students can manage their email, calendar and web applications. Again, permissions will be managed by the categorisation of the user in SIMS.

Linked to identity, once users log onto the web desktop they don’t need to authenticate again to access their Office 365 or Google Apps account, and the majority of other web based services.

Tell me more!

To find out more about Launch and get a quote for your school, please get in touch at launch@swgfl.org.uk or visit launch.swgfl.org.uk.

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