RM Easymail is closing, but don’t panic.

RM Easymail is closing, but don’t panic.

If your school uses RM Easymail for email, you are probably aware that the service will be ceasing at some point this year.


RM recognise that Easymail, which was one of the first email platforms designed specifically for schools, can no longer meet the ever increasing requirements of a modern school. With Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365 Education offering a full productivity suite for schools that makes anytime, anywhere, any device a reality, schools are ready to move away from traditional server-based email and take the step into the cloud.

We agree with this change, we think it’s the right time, and it will encourage schools to progress in their ICT strategy.

What happens next?

RM have probably already been in touch to provide you with details of the closure and your options moving forwards. If not, you should be hearing from them soon.

To find out more details about the closure of Easymail and the options that RM are offering, please visit this page on the RM website: http://www.rm.com/products/rm-unify/email.

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