Report Harmful Content Release Final Quarterly Report for 2021

Report Harmful Content Release Final Quarterly Report for 2021

Report Harmful Content has released the last quarterly review for the year ending 2021. Last year saw some big changes with how users could access the service with the launch of the Report Harmful Content button which allows schools and other organisations to signpost to Report Harmful Content on their website. With this new, accessible way to get support, reports and visits towards the platform have substantially risen in the reporting period between October and December 2021.

In particular, there was a 120% increase in visitors to the Report Harmful Content website in comparison to the previous quarter as well as a 55% increase in the number of reports received. As well as this:

  • 80% of the content reported was successfully actioned after escalation with industry (i.e. removed / restricted / regained access to)
  • In 87% of reports, clients were signposted towards the correct reporting routes and/ or relevant support services, empowering them to take action, reporting via the correct channels
  • 39% of the content actioned was done so by industry within 72 hours of escalation by Report Harmful Content practitioners

Latest Trends and Insights

From the latest reporting period, some of the most interesting findings were:

  • Bullying / repeated harassment, Impersonation and Pornography were the most common reasons for users to make reports
  • There were a larger number of reports where wider issues of allegations of abuse were made about clients in harassment reports
  • The reporting button, launched in 2021, saw over 3200 clicks to the Report Harmful Content website from external reporting buttons that have been installed on websites
  • Many schools were reporting issues relating to fake school accounts on TikTok through Report Harmful Content reporting buttons. These were then triaged to the Professionals Online Safety Helpline which has seen over 95% of reported accounts being removed
  • There was a slight rise in reports where practitioners flagged mental health concerns as a wider issue
  • There was a rise in reports from young people aged 13 – 18, thought to be a result of many schools using the reporting button on their own websites

If you have been victim to or witnessed legal but harmful online content, you can find advice and / or make a report to Report Harmful Content. If you want to help spread awareness around how this service can help your users, why not install the Report Harmful Content button on your website for free!

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