Ransomware - Everything you need to know

Ransomware - Everything you need to know

What is ransomware? What does it do? What’s the point of ransomware? How does ransomware infect your device or your data? How do you protect yourself against ransomware?

The answers to all this and more are in our updated Ransomware White Paper.

Download SWGfL Ransomware White Paper

Malware, and ransomware in particular, continue to be major issue on the information security ‘to do’ list. SWGfL’s information security services can help.
Visit our Security page for more information.

SWGfL also offer a number of products and services that can support schools and other educational establishments to reduce the likelihood of a ransomware attack, or to provide assistance and minimise the impact if it does happen. These include:

Remote Data Backup and Restore

As part of the Schools Internet Service (SIS), SWGfL can provide a range of backup and restore solutions, including a traditional automated remote backup service, and new cloud backup services using Microsoft Azure Backup Service.

Contact us for details.

Secure SSL VPN

Also within SIS, the RM SSL Connect VPN allows users to remotely access the school network as if they were on site. SSL Connect isn’t the only way of doing this, but it’s more secure than RDP, easy to set up, and affordable.

Click here for the details.

Anti-virus and anti-exploit software

We’ve worked with Sophos to provide a range of low cost, highly effective, award-winning security solutions providing extensive malware protection for your workstations and network servers.

Customers can access our special pricing of these products through our Products page.

Information security advice and guidance

It’s European Cyber Security Month! Cyber security, or information security, is the process of ensuring that only authorised users have access to accurate and complete information, when access is required.

And here at SWGfL we’ve been developing a complete range of advice, services and training to assist schools with the many security challenges. Just check out our Security page for more information.

Data protection advice and guidance

GDPR landed on 25 May 2018, bringing with it a range of new requirements around the processing of personal data, new and strengthened rights for data subjects, and obligations to ensure that:

  • personal data is processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security (article 5); and
  • data controllers and data processors implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk (article 32).

Whilst the Data Protection Act 1998 was based on the premise that you were compliant until you were proven not to be, GDPR puts the onus on you to demonstrate compliance.

We can provide a complete range of advice, services and training to help. Just visit ourSecurity page for more information.

Data protection self-review tool

360data is a self-review tool that can help you review certain aspects of your data protection practices, and identify improvement actions. 360data will help you to understand where to focus time and effort, and what the next steps are. Find out more here

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