ProjectEVOLVE EDU: A New Platform for Digital Literacy Professional Development

ProjectEVOLVE EDU: A New Platform for Digital Literacy Professional Development

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the importance of online safety and digital literacy in education has never been more crucial. Recognising the need for comprehensive professional development in this area, the team at SWGfL are thrilled to launch ProjectEVOLVE EDU. This innovative training platform is designed exclusively for educators, aiming to bridge the gap in effective staff training and empower professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the digital literacy landscape with confidence.


Evolving ProjectEVOLVE

Since its inception in 2019, ProjectEVOLVE has been at the forefront of promoting digital development and online safety awareness among students and is currently being used by over a third of schools across the UK. The success and engagement observed prompted us to delve deeper into the educational landscape, leading to the creation of ProjectEVOLVE EDU. This dedicated professional training platform acknowledges the increasing importance of online safety within organisational settings and strives to meet the growing demand for specialised training.

Addressing the Training Gap

SWGfL's research consistently highlights the lack of effective staff training across a significant number of schools, impacting their ability to meet acceptable online safety standards. ProjectEVOLVE EDU emerges as a solution to this gap, offering an online video training platform that guides educators through essential areas, assesses their understanding, and tracks their progress over time.

Key Features of ProjectEVOLVE EDU

ProjectEVOLVE EDU distinguishes itself from its student-focused counterpart through its unique format and features tailored solely for professionals. The core materials comprise of expert-led online video training covering a diverse range of strands. Additionally, educators benefit from:

  • Full summary briefing sheets for each strand
  • Supporting resources
  • Consolidation questions
  • Knowledge Maps for educators
  • Training dashboard for users
  • Whole school tracking for administrators
  • Accreditation for professionals

Working Alongside ProjectEVOLVE

While ProjectEVOLVE targets student engagement, ProjectEVOLVE EDU works collaboratively for professionals. Each strand within the platform is crafted to empower educators, enhancing their understanding of digital literacy. This, in turn, facilitates the delivery of these crucial concepts to students.

Supporting Schools Effectively

ProjectEVOLVE EDU doesn't just fill a training gap; it serves as a comprehensive solution for schools seeking to enhance their own online safety standards. The platform supports schools by:

  • Developing a longer-term training strategy for staff
  • Providing evidence of knowledge and progress
  • Embedding online safety standards across the wider community
  • Strengthening approaches to teaching materials and resources
  • Accommodating staff with flexible training schedules

Ken Corish – Online Safety Manager at SWGfL said:

ProjectEVOLVE EDU stands as a testament to SWGfL's commitment to fostering a safer and more knowledgeable digital environment in schools. By empowering educators with specialised professional development, the platform ensures that schools are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the digital age, ultimately contributing to a safer and more informed online community.

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