Announcing the SWGfL Online Safety Podcast

Announcing the SWGfL Online Safety Podcast

Something exciting has happened.

Something really, really exciting.

Something podcast-y.

We brought together some of our expert online safety consultants, sat them down in a room, chucked a microphone between them and shut the door. What happened next was incredible (if slightly predictable).

Words flew, ideas exploded, and cutting-edge insight and knowledge were shared… and recorded.

The finished product is something we’re incredibly proud to be announcing and officially launching today – the SWGfL online safety podcast.

A podcast dedicated to the latest in online safety

This is a brand new adventure for us and something that we hope will prove to be valuable and relevant to anyone with an interest in online safety. The podcast will be covering all the latest issues and trends in online safety, as well as explaining some internet safety 101s. We have worked hard to design the podcast in such a way that it makes all the topics – be they new or old, simple or complex – easy to digest, clear and concise, and enjoyable to experience. Much like our online safety training sessions, of course.

With a variety of hosts, guests, and topics to cover, we will be bringing you plenty of engaging episodes over the coming months. We will be releasing a new episode each month with a variety of contributors and topics. Expect to hear about everything from online reputation and social media to cyber security and Safer Internet Day.

Our first episode is all about ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD), the risks and benefits involved, and how schools can manage this grey area of online safety. Listen to our first episode and get clued up on all things BYOD.

Let us know what you think

We hope it goes without saying, but your feedback means a lot to us, especially when it comes to new projects such as our podcast. Please let us know your thoughts – nice ones are appreciated, constructive ones even more so! Any feedback, advice, or suggestions you can offer at the early stage of this project will make a huge difference to the shape it takes in the future. Be part of history… Tell us how you’d like our podcast to work.

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