Over 35,000 Students are Benefitting from Whisper!

Over 35,000 Students are Benefitting from Whisper!

We are pleased to announce that after launching our anonymous reporting tool and donating it throughout the nation, ‘Whisper’ has been setup by a large number of primary and secondary schools throughout the UK. The grand total of those who now have access to Whisper amounts to over 35,000 students. All of these schools now have the capability to stay in touch with their vulnerable students during lockdown.

The response we’ve had has been overwhelming. Students and teachers alike are exploring and developing their knowledge of anonymous reporting each day with more and more schools setting up as lockdown continues.

Why are people turning to Whisper?

A recent poll we took on social media several weeks ago showed that telephone calls and emails were the most popular way of communicating between teachers and students right now. While this does allow a form of contact, it does also bring its own set of problems when dealing with vulnerable students.

Email is not considered an instant messaging platform and can cause issues such as delays when it comes to action and responses. As well as this, many young people are not fully invested in email contact just yet and may not even have their own account setup. Telephone calls are direct but offer very little privacy when it comes to reporting issues a student may feel worried about, especially if it involves their home environment.

Issues such as these highlight how anonymous reporting is more important than ever right now. Not only that, but it is a requirement that schools are equipped with a reporting tool regardless of what may be happening in the world.

An anonymous reporting tool empowers the community to speak up safely without fear of repercussions or “whistle blowing”. Whisper provides an anonymous reporting tool available to everyone; staff, students and parents. This gives them greater visibility of issues that may otherwise go unreported whilst allowing your community to report issues without fear of consequences.

What Whisper is doing for the school community

Whisper provides everyone in the school community a safe place to talk, report or highlight issues and concerns.  When they don’t know where to go or who to turn to, Whisper provides a light in the dark.

It provides everyone with a method to communicate their issues ensuring schools are not excluding anyone regardless of what the current situation is. Schools can now continue their relationship with students without current lockdown restrictions getting in the way.

And we’re still donating!

Whisper continues to operate as a donation from us whilst lockdown laws are still in effect. We have put together everything you need to know about how to download and setup your account today. There’s no payment needed and our handy articles and resources can guide you through everything you need to know. Join the rest and download Whisper today.

Below are links to our articles and resources about setup and getting the most out of your Whisper tool.

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