Online Safety Support for Safeguarding Professionals

Online Safety Support for Safeguarding Professionals

At SWGfL, many of our products and resources are tailored toward teachers and professionals, to help them inform the young people they work with, as they continue to navigate the online world. 

In addition to this work, we support safeguarding professionals to develop their online safety provision. Our experts understand that it can be difficult for those within safeguarding roles to integrate an approach towards online safety, but we ensure that our work and guidance is here to ease those difficulties and improve understanding about why an active approach towards online and offline harm is so important.  

In our latest article we run through a selection of the services and products that have been designed with safeguarding professionals in mind.  

Online Safety Training 

Online safety training from SWGfL caters to a variety of audiences, but our sessions are particularly useful for Designated Safeguarding Leads, as they give an opportunity to hear from our leading experts, who have been shaping the online safety landscape for nearly 25 years.  

Sessions explore many areas related to online harm and technology, and give an opportunity to hear about latest guidance, resources and services from SWGfL, industry, government and other organisations, that can help to inform the direction and implementation of a secure online safety practice. 

We recommend that Safeguarding Leads attend regular sessions, to ensure that knowledge is kept up to date, so that you’re in the best position to advise those around you.  

Alongside bespoke sessions, we also offer interactive video training which covers a variety of online safety and digital literacy topics. Within your role, you can recommend products such as ProjectEVOLVE EDU to your colleagues to help make sure that there is a wider and stronger understanding of the online world.  

Discover more about our training opportunities, from this page.  

Assisted Monitoring Service 

The Assisted Monitoring Service (also known as AMS) is specifically provided by SWGfL and to support schools with safeguarding responsibilities. The service monitors school devices to capture and flag the use or engagement of harmful online content, and in doing so enables suitable safeguarding interventions to be put in place.   

Not only does AMS support an effective response towards the use and engagement of harmful online activity, but it is also a service that allows schools and colleges to meet essential Filtering and Monitoring requirements.  

Learn more about the importance of this service, from our website.  


Significant worries and concerns can impact our wellbeing and at that stage it’s important for us to talk to someone, as opening up can help to ease and bring clarity to a situation. Some young people, however, will not have the opportunity at home to confide in a trusted adult, and this is where those within safeguarding roles can support.  

Our anonymous reporting tool gives young people a secure and trusted route to talk to an adult within their community, particularly Designated Safeguarding Leads and other safeguarding professionals. Giving young people this opportunity allows for effective support to be put in place and gives staff a much better understanding about what exactly is affecting those in their care. This improved understanding supports existing safeguarding practices and ensures long-term response. Whisper is not a stand-alone solution but allows safeguarding professionals to take the first, substantial step into prioritising individual and community wellbeing.  

Learn more about the importance of anonymous reporting and how Whisper can be used as a supportive and effective solution. 

More About Our Services 

The above only provides a glimpse into the support that we offer, but exploring these services alongside relative guidance can bring awareness to issues that safeguarding professionals may not yet know are their responsibility. Improving understanding enables stronger provisions which alongside the above services, can support a long-term response to the vast nature of online safety and technology.  

If you are working within a safeguarding role, we encourage you to explore the above, as it’s considered that you are in the best position to improve online safety practice.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team. If you would like to know more about how to respond to particular online safety issues and incidents, please contact the Professionals Online Safety Helpline.  

Our work is here to help within an ever-evolving landscape, and we hope the above is a good starting point to help you to understand more about how we are here to support.

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