Online Safety Live Events – Autumn 2023

Online Safety Live Events – Autumn 2023

The UK Safer Internet Centre has been actively dedicated to advancing professionals understanding of how to keep their communities safe online. One of the highly successful UKSIC initiatives that the team at SWGfL organise is the Online Safety Live events.

These Online Safety Live events consist of complimentary sessions tailored to professionals working with children and young people. They are thoughtfully crafted to equip educators, social workers, and various other professionals with the most up-to-date insights into online safety alongside strategies for tackling contemporary digital threats.

What Topics are Included?

The events explore a diverse range of topics, including online grooming, cyberbullying, sexting, and online radicalisation. These sessions are led by members of the SWGfL team who possess extensive expertise in their respective fields, and are conducted both online and in-person.

Online Safety Live events are available for various locations throughout the UK, giving participants the flexibility to choose the most applicable session, with each one typically spanning around an hour and a half.

Available Sessions

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Previous sessions have proven instrumental in enhancing professionals' understanding of the online risks that children and young people encounter, along with effective measures for risk mitigation. They are an excellent initiative to promote online safety awareness within your communities.

Alongside Online Safety Live events, we offer a variety of training options to assist professionals with tackling a range of online safety and safeguarding issues. If you want to know more about how these options can support your organisation, take a look at our training page, below.

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